Sunday, July 27, 2008

The summer is officially over...

Well, summer's over for me. Tomorrow is back to school for preplanning. I always love this time of year, but it seems to have gotten here fast! If you're in education, you know how much time and sweat goes into the week of preplanning. If you're not in education, then let me just tell you...lots of time and sweat go into preplanning! I'm moving to a new school this year, and that means extra time/sweat! However, it is one of my favorite parts of the year.

Today at church there was a couple sitting behind us who has a child that will be attending the school where I'll be teaching. The husband asked me..."Are you nervous or are you just an old hag?" Well, I responded..."I guess I'm an old hag!" This year will be my 12th year teaching. Where does the time go? I don't really get nervous now about the beginning of school, but I'm just as excited this year as I was my 1st year teaching. The busiest day of the week will be Thursday because that is our day for Open House to meet the students and their families.

Two funny thoughts for the day...
1. Today we drove by a QT gas station. The advertisement outside in the parking lot said "An Adult's Pacifier," and it had a photo of corn dogs! Be sure to check out a QT near you for a good chuckle. It sure was funny to Brian and me today. I so wished that I had my camera to include a photo in this post.
2. Friday night I went to get takeout at a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant had II after the name (like it is the 2nd restaurant). So, I was talking to the girl working there, and asked her where the 1st restaurant was located. She tells me that it is closed because it was in a "rough area," and the owner decided to close that location after the owner of dry-cleaner's located next door to the restaurant was "off-ed." OK, so the just of this story is NOT by any means funny...but did she just say "off-ed"??????????????

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