Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ready for a rest

Today was a "Day of Fun." We went shopping and ate lunch with the kids' "E" (their aunt). We had all intentions of buying a Webkinz cat today, but it didn't work out that way. We even had a Webkinz in our hands ready to buy at a store on the sqaure in Covington, and then our boy announced..."I want to buy that same Webkinz at Cracker Barrel." What?? So, we even drove by a Cracker Barrel tonight and he decided he'd rather look at toys at Wal-Mart with his friend Connor. cat again today. Works for me.

After our "Day of Fun," the kids took a much needed nap. I took advantage of the quiet time, and made the rest mat cover. It looks like a long pillow case. In fact, I even looked at a pillow case for the logistics of how to make it. Our boy seems to like it, and it was easy to make. His mat is a KinderMat X-thick. I bought 1.5 yards of the striped fabric and .5 yard of the trim fabric with balls. I also bought blue ribbon with white polka-dots that is between the 2 fabrics to add detail. I reinforced the seams with a zigzag stich, and by the way our boy was testing it out-I'm glad I did! I'm also including a photo of our girl in the other pair of capri pants I made her. With back-to-work/school approaching, I think my sewing will be on hold for now.

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