Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally---curtains are in progress (sorta)!

I've mentioned before that we've lived in our current home about 5 years. When we moved in, we knew we needed to do some work. So...5 years later, hubby is putting down new hardwood floors--they are down in the small hall, kitchen, breakfast area, and family room. WOOHOO! Hubby started ripping out carpet in the other hall today!
We also knew 5 years ago, that we needed blinds/curtains in all the rooms. We bought blinds immediately, but the curtains are another story! We need curtains/some type of window treatment in our breakfast area, dining room, front entry area, and master bathroom. Last night, I FINALLY bought some fabric to begin sewing. Now the trouble is...I can't decide where I want to use this fabric OR what pattern to use.
Here's the fabric--a close-up shot
Here's another pic of the fabric from farther away.
Here are the patterns that I was thinking--mostly looking at the 2 on the left--the top one is pleated and the bottom is scalloped.
I bought the fabric for the breakfast area (below green), but now that I have it home...I'm thinking about using it in the dining room (below red). I'm not set on keeping the paint color in either room. I told hubby that the fabric looks more "formal" now that I have it home. I tried to talk out ideas with hubby, but he wasn't too interested. He told me to use the same fabric and pattern in both rooms! What??
If you have any free decorating advice, I'm all ears!!! Hopefully I'll get them made THIS year!

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