Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Floor Update

Hubby set the goal to finish our hardwood floors before our son's 6th birthday. Well...his BD is in 4 days! Hubby is pretty close to being done with getting the floors down, but the staining/sanding will have to wait another week. Here are some pics from tonight:

The pic below is from our front door. It shows the existing hardwood at the bottom of the photo. Those floors will be sanded and stained so everything will be the same color. You can see he is almost there--look to the left!! He's got to take the baseboard off and lay the final pieces.

This pic below is taken from our breakfast area. All of that was carpet!'s finishing touches left and I also asked him to put down hardwoods in the hall by the kids' bedrooms. He's doing a great job! We're almost out of the construction zone!

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