Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A trip to the allergy doctor is a full day

Hubby and I took our 4-yr. old daughter to the allergy doctor this morning. Our appointment was at 9:00am, and then went to lab to have her blood drawn, and then went to hospital for a sinus x-ray.
Our pediatrician recommended that we see the allergy doctor because our daughter was sick with a yucky cough from October-January. We were at the pediatrician's office about every 2-3 weeks from Oct-Jan. So...he wanted to rule out allergies.
After testing was done this morning, we found out she does not have allergies. She didn't flinch for the skin prick allergy testing on her back. The lady told her that it would feel like a kitty cat was walking on her back. After it was over, she said..."I didn't see the kitty cat." The hardest part wasn't the pricking...it was keeping her still for 15 minutes. The allergist said he thinks it's just something she'll outgrown in another year-two, but ordered lab work and an x-ray to rule out other stuff.
The blood work will check her immune system, and the x-ray will show if she has a sinus infection. She did great except for the drawing the blood part--they had to stick her twice--once in each arm--2 different people tried. The 2nd lady got it after turning needle in her arm several times. :( Hubby almost left the room! She had tears and said ouch, but didn't do a full-fledged screaming cry. She was very brave!
Yippy...at about 12:30 we were finally through will all our doctors/labs/x-rays, and then we ate at Mellow Mushroom for lunch. After lunch, we took our brave patient to Wal-mart to buy High School Musical 3 (today's the the first day it's on sale you know!) after a busy day!!

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