Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To Do List for My Week Off

This week the kids and I are out of school for mid-winter break. Yippy! So...that's always a good time to make a To Do List. Here are the things that I've checked off as complete:
1. clean out/sort sock drawer (it's been out of control)
2. put Disney photos from Sept. '08 in photo album (about 500 of them!)
3. call health insurance company to dispute EOBs that are incorrect (I've been dreading this one-yuck!)
4. spend one day at home in PJs (that's today in this rainy weather!)
5. write thank you notes for son's BD
Here's a list of some of the things that remain to do:
1. upload photos from May '07 until now to print for photo albums (I'm soooooo behind! I'm working on this now, and it's taking FOREVER! Note to self--print photos at the end of each month from now on!)
2. bathe the dog
3. pick stain for new floors and motivate hubby to finish them!
I may not get to any other items on the list with the photo printing hanging over my head!

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