Friday, April 10, 2009

A Spring Day of Fun!

We've been waiting all week for a warm, sunny, spring day! We finally got it was time for a family day of fun! We started with one of our favorite pizza places-Fellinis. I have to show you this great idea:

You order a slice of cheese pizza and a salad....then you dump your salad on top of your pizza---yum!!! This pic is of hubby's slice. We discovered this idea at California Pizza Kitchen when we ordered a BLT pizza (bacon and tomatoes with lettuce tossed in mayo). Now...we put our lettuce on top of our cheese pizza everywhere! Add some of your favorite dressing...I like a vinaigrette. Try it...let me know what you think!
OK...back to the fun...
We were walking around enjoying Stone Mountain Park on our nice, spring day...when we saw our friends and their kids--totally unplanned--small world considering that it's a huge park. So...the kids were soooooooooooooooooo happy that they chased each other, ran all around, and then...made a plan mapping out where to go next--see below--they're all huddled around the park map:
Here's a pic of the kid crew:
Now...the pics of the parent crew....each of the kids wanted to take our picture. The more pics we took...the more it looks like we're out clubbing rather than about to ride the train with the fam. See for yourself...
A fun, spring day!

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