Sunday, April 5, 2009

A memorable trip

Well...the kids and I are officially on Spring Break. We started our vacation on Friday night with a trip to the mountains. Our kids have been to the mountains before, but our son kept insisting that the mountain was a dump. Can you tell his Daddy works protecting the environment?! What 6 year old knows about landfills?
It was a memorable trip (full of good and not-so-good memories):
1. We stayed in a low rent motel (that's putting it nicely)! Here's hubby standing by the trash can at the hotel. Look really does say..."USDA condemned" on it!

2. We tried to drive to a neighboring town Friday night, but took a wrong turn. Our daughter kept saying, "Let's just go back to the hotel" (like that was better than riding in the nice, clean car)!
3. Our son coughed ALL NIGHT LONG...nobody could sleep, and we woke up for good at 5:30am! on to the good memories:
4. We ate breakfast with the Easter Bunny and with Cabbage Patch Kids. Our kids liked the food, and they both won stuffed animal door prizes--a duck and a bear.
5. There were lots (they said 18,000) eggs to hunt! The kids filled their baskets at the hunt!
6. There was lots of space to enjoy the nice Spring day. We went from winter coats in the am, to long sleeves mid-morning, and then to short sleeves and sunburns by the afternoon!

7. The kids got free balloon art-a dog and a hat at the Arts and Crafts area, and lots a candy at the parade.
8. We did finally make to it the neighboring town for lunch!
Whew--that sums up our less-than-24 hour trip! Do you have a memorable trip planned soon?

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L Rukes said...

That's a lot to squeeze in in just 24 hours! I'm impressed! Cute pics...