Saturday, May 9, 2009

2 games...5 hits

Woo-hoo!!! Our son and daughter both got hits each time he/she was at bat this morning for their games--2 hits for our daughter (3-4 league) and 3 hits for our son (5-6 league)! Everything is more fun when you're doing well. It makes me think about tonight when my daughter and I were playing games that she was making up. After the "game," she'd point her finger at herself and then point at me--who ever ended up getting pointed at was "the winner" of the made-up game. She said something like "You can win this time Mommy." Hubby chuckled because he knows I like to win. Well really--who likes to lose? You deal with it, you show good sportsmanship...but who likes it? Everything is more fun when you're doing well. Sometimes Hubby lets the kids win at games...tic-tac-toe, board games, etc., but NOT me...I tell will they learn strategies, problem solving, higher-level thinking skills if I let them win? Teach your thinking process--meta cognition (great word from college)--think/talk out how you think. much better to you feel about a win when you know you earned it?

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