Monday, May 25, 2009

A Great Day...for so many reasons

Today was a great day for so many reasons:
1. It's my sister's 37 birthday! Happy Birthday E!
2. It's Memorial Day-thanks to all who serve! And thanks for a day with no school and work!
3. My good friend, Christy, started her own blog--check her out on my "spend some time here" section--she's "Just Being Christy."
4. We spent some great family time together today in the mud! The kids wanted to ride the tandem bike, and then it started raining. We played in the rain, and we got some planting done too. Check it out:
Here are the kids wet and muddy...and Fluff Cat too! Hubby was working hard planting and trenching-whew!
The mud may have led to Fluff Cat's demise! Yuck Fluff!
Our son made a "river" in the landscaping trench Hubby dug. He put the sprinkler at the top of the yard, went along with his hands to help dig out the trench, and had his sister go to the bottom of the yard where the water was collecting.
Here's our daughter walking along the trench to check her brother's status.

I added 3 plants to our mailbox area and 2 plants to a planter on the side of the house. Hubby planted 3 new hostas, 1 watermelon plant, and 1 tomato plant.
The watermelon plant--wonder if the bunnies that visit our yard like watermelon? Our son picked the watermelon plant.
Our tomato plant--picked out by our daughter

3 new hostas--Hubby is making this bed larger. He'll clear out the grass beyond the trench.

All good things must come to an end. The kids got cleaned off with the hose before heading inside for showers, dinner, and bed! A fun day indeed! Hope you had a happy Memorial Day!

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L Rukes said...

I love how you've reminded all of us how rain can be FUN!! who would have thought mud would be such a good time!