Saturday, May 2, 2009

I love a good bargain!

I love yard sale season-hubby...not so much! But, I did go with our daughter today to a neighborhood sale, and found a few treasures. It's so interesting to see what people have for sale at yard sales, and what's even more interesting is the variation in pricing. Some people think a lot of their "junk" while others are ready to get rid of it. We stopped at about 4 houses before we found these treasures:
tabletop Christmas tree in cute, ceramic, red pot=$1
4 new pumpkin carving kits=$1; 2 new pumpkin scoops with serrated edges=$2--Christy--I'm ready for pumpkin carving with the buddy class next school year!
I did pick up a few advertising ideas today to use at our upcoming neighborhood yard sale. #1 Get about a dozen balloons-have 3 tied on the mailbox and tie the others to bricks-1 balloon per brick--then scatter around the front yard. I said..."Man...they must have something we need with all those fun balloons at their house." Turned out...they didn't have anything for us--but I was impressed that the man said everything was 1/2 off (it was only noon).
#2 The house where I found the treasures above had a purple, blow-up alien tied on their mailbox with a sign around his neck that said "yard sale." Again...we HAD to stop there...they must have something we need! Turned out they had a lot of party-store-type stuff, but I tried to keep it under $5 for our adventure.


Deals and doxies said...

I knew I should have bought some of the pumpkin carving stuff, I almost did! I got some cool stuff at that one too- cupcake tree stand ($2), lots of ribbon (.10), paper shreds (.25), halloween platter (.25). Huge bag full for $3.75!

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Girl yeah--those "shovel tools" are going to be lifesavers. This school year I got an infection in a cut on my finger while carving 10+ pumpkins. I had pain shooting up my arm until I got some antibiotic cream from my doctor!