Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bikes, Ball games, Bad Weather, and more

We had a busy, fun weekend! It started Friday after school with the kids taking turns riding on the tandem bike with Hubby. It's a bike with one wheel that you connect to an adult bike. Then the kids pedal with you or just ride as you pedal. They have loved it! I'll have to get a pic to post of them actually riding.
Then Saturday it was 2 ball games (the final games of the season), a local festival, and a party for our Sunday School class. Fun times!
On Sunday, we went to Sunday School and then had plans to see the Braves game--but the rain won out. So...we hit the Varsity!
Really-how cute is that? She could be a poster-girl for the V! Oh wait...she doesn't eat hot dogs or hamburgers...that might rule her out!
Here's our son in his Braves gear. This pic reminds me that I really don't know what color to call our son's eyes-they're bluish, greenish, hazelish? Aunt T--what color are your eyes? I'm thinking he got your eyes. This pic also reminds me...that boy needs a hair cut!
OK after lunch at the was on to Ikea for some shopping (but no purchasing). We were thinking that the rain may stop while we such luck! But, Ikea is like a free children's play land. The kids have so much fun it was still a great day!
Playing in the "girls room" at Ikea
Tonight at dinner we were discussing what we liked best about the day. After we named a few events of the day, our daughter said..."I know something that wasn't fun...when (a classmate) ate the frosting off my cupcake." A few months ago...our daughter was talking at her table holding her cupcake in her hand. As she was talking, another student licked the frosting off her cupcake. Hope you had a fun weekend with no "friends-licking-your-frosting" events!

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