Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Chapter

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter. Our daughter's last day of preschool at her church preschool was today. My good friend Christy's babies--her twins--had their last day of high school today. For both of us as mothers, it's sad in ways--but happy and exciting in other ways--a new chapter in both of our lives and our children's lives.

Also...Our son will be going into 1st grade? Where did the year go? Where did the 6 years go since he was born? And the 4 years since our daughter was born?

Yesterday Christy and I were standing outside the bathroom doors at school waiting on our students to line up after lunch. My son went in the bathroom as we were waiting, and then a teenage boy came right out of the bathroom. Christy said..."see that...that's how fast it happens...your son went in and came out a teenager--you turn around, and just like that...they're grown!"
Signing off, Happy and Sad Mama

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