Sunday, May 3, 2009

Faux Picture Day

The kids' ball teams are not having professional pictures this year....which is probably better for our "pocketbook" (that's what my dad always called his wallet--whenever we wanted money as kids---he'd say "go and get my pocketbook"). So...back to the story...this weekend our son's team got together for some team and individual pics. Here are some from the day that I took:
The team with the Truett's cow:

Our kids and hubby--LOVE this pic!

Our daughter's team hasn't gotten together to officially take team pictures, but here are a couple of her from the season:
"Hey batter, batter" Our daughter's coach always tells the kids to "talk to the batter" to get the kids to focus on the ball coming their way.

Post-game snack...can you see all the dirt on her head and hands??--she was covered head to toe!

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