Monday, January 13, 2014

Learning Multiplication Facts

It's Mom Monday, and learning multiplication facts is on my mind. Our Girl is in the middle of "Mad Math Minutes" at school. Here is the bottom line: every child learns multiplication facts differently. For some students, they come easily. For others, it takes a little more work. Our Girl usually doesn't have to do much studying. Learning comes naturally to her. Math facts are one area that make her work. The part that Our Girl freaks out about with the Mad Math Minutes is, as the name suggests, it is a timed activity. As a family, we are using different strategies to help reduce her stress:

We do flashcards,

Math Magician We like this site, but there is one is timed. Sigh...that's what brings Our Girl stress.
Fun4theBrain This site is fun, fun, fun. You can pick which skill you want to work on, and then select the game you want to play. Once you answer some math questions, you get to play a little, then you get more math problems.

To the tune of Jingle Bells (start with dashing through the snow): 3, 6, 9, 12,--15, 18--, 21, 24--, 27, 30,-- 33, 36--singing 3s is fun. Oh let us sing Jingle Bells, to learn our 3s on the run.

and games like sumoku. Do you know this game? You roll the number cube, and then find the greatest number from your 8 number tiles that is a multiple of the number you rolled. Guess who won the first time we played...Our Girl!

 Meanwhile, if you need Our Boy. He'll be the one yelling out the answers to the multiplication facts in the background before his sister can answer them. That is what brothers do to sisters (and what sisters do to brothers)...aggravate.

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