Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wife Wednesday: What's for dinner?

Hubby asks me a question almost every day: "What's for dinner?" It's not that he expects me to cook every night because we both cook. He just wants to know the plan for dinner. He already asked me this morning what is for dinner tonight.

I'm always looking for new recipes, and I love Pinterest for that reason and many, many more. I found a recipe on Pinterest for Loaded Baked Potato and Chicken Casserole. Here is the link, and here is a picture of how mine turned out:
It has chicken, potatoes, a little frozen onion, bacon, and cheese. I omitted the green onions, heavy cream, and butter from the original recipe. Here are some tips:
1. Do you use frozen, chopped onion in your recipes? I rarely buy a fresh onion because who wants to chop a fresh onion?

2. If you need bacon, cook it outside (or in the garage when it's freezing cold-that may or may not have happened at our house) to keep your house from smelling like grease. We use this electric Presto grill for bacon and sausage.

Well...until next time someone asks..."What's for dinner?"

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