Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teacher Tuesday: Snow Day!

There are two words that bring joy and excitement to students and teachers alike: Snow Day!

Monday of this week was supposed to be a teacher workday at school with the students returning Tuesday. However, the weather is COLD here in the south. There is no snow, but we have frigid temperatures. I'm talking negative wind chills here. So...school was cancelled yesterday and today.

Why do those two words~~SNOW DAY~~ bring so much excitement? Did you see all the students and teachers posting on social media about their excitement? We just had two weeks off for Christmas break. So why are we so excited for an additional two days off?

I'll tell you why for this teacher...
It's because those two words brings back memories of childhood. My sister says that I have no memory of our childhood, but I do remember this...

When we were kids, we'd wait by the TV for the school closing announcements. Then when it did snow, everyone from the neighborhood would come to our street because it was the biggest hill. We would get on our double layer of clothes and gloves. We'd put on our hats and sometimes tie plastic bags around our shoes. We didn't own any snow gear because we rarely need it. Then we'd go outside and use trays as sleds to go down our big hill over and over again. I wish I had a photo of that...us on our trays sliding down.

I do have a picture from our yard last night. It just makes you feel cold when you look at our bare pear tree:
Stay warm friends, and enjoy your Snow Day (or Days in this case)!

Since adding this post, my mom sent me this Snow Day picture from 1977. That's me, my dad, sister, and neighbors. Looks like we had a tub and a swimming pool sled!

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