Saturday, November 22, 2008

6 trees decorated in 1 day

When I came home on Tuesday of this week, my husband had a Christmas tree in our living room! So today we decorated the family tree along with 5 other small trees for around the house: Boy Tree, Girl Tree, Dog/Dawg Tree, Pig Tree, and the Grinch Tree. I'm posting photos of a favorite ornament from each tree.

The family tree is in our living room. It is a 9 ft. tree we got a Sam's the first year in our first home...if other words before the "pre-lit trees" were available. Our tree has many ornaments from over the years (from the time I was little to now). No theme tree here for us!!! I love looking at each ornament and remembering it's "story." Do you have favorite ornaments with "stories?" Here's an ornament I bought last year-I actually liked it so much that I bought one for me and one for my college roommate. GO DAWGS!
Both of our children have a small tree in their bedrooms. The boy tree is a green tree with colored lights decorated with red and blue ornaments and ornaments boys like: trucks, cars, and this garage. The garage I found last year at Target. It's actually a gift card holder, but it's a favorite ornament for our son.
The girl tree is pink and it is pre-lit!!! Here's a fun tiara ornament and some of her fun, pink ball ornaments. She also has princesses, a purse, and Minnie on her tree.

Here's my favorite from our Dog/Dawg tree. It's a bobble-head dachshund with a wreath on it's neck from Restoration Hardware (I think--or maybe Pottery Barn). Our dog/Dawg tree has dachshunds and GA Bulldog stuff.
This cutie is on my Pig Tree. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1983. The first insulin I used was made from pig I started collecting pigs. I don't collect much anymore--except for pig ornaments. So...I needed a pig tree for them, right?
And finally---the Grinch Tree. I have a wonderful friend that I worked with in another school who has soooooooo many Christmas trees in her home. She is a widow in her 60s, and she doesn't quit. If we drove by her home right now...we might see her up on the ladder hanging Christmas lights along her roof line. No wait...she probably already has it done. In other words, she does it all! Last Christmas we toured her home with the kids, and the kids saw her Grinch tree and had to have one. So...we found a small Grinch-green-colored tree (pre-lit) and bought it on sale last year. Here's the Grinch himself (I couldn't get a very clear pic of him with all that bling!):
Here's hoping you'll be decorating soon too (if you haven't started already!)

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