Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not again for a long time

Today we had the great idea to take our kids to see HSM3 at the theater after school. We've been promising our daughter that we'd take her, and things just keep coming up on the weekends. So...we were on the way there last night, but got stuck in traffic. We actually made it to the theater early tonight and things started out great! The movie started around 5 and ended around 7...toward the end we were on a downward spiral. There were too many factors working against us: still not used to time change, big drink=bathroom issues, not many movie-goers=too much room to run based on our later experiences may be a long time until we try that kind of after-school outing again! Ending on a more positive note--our daughter did have a blast dancing and taking it all in!

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5 Boys And Me said...

Hi! I am a little behind in responding here, but very excited about our three-way Christmas swap! You can email me at and we can get started - I'm looking forward to it!