Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!

I love Halloween...I think it's because my birthday is close to Halloween--so growing up my birthday treats at school were usually Halloween themed. My mom used to order these sugar cookies from a bakery close to our house. The cookies had a hard-sugar-Halloween decoration on top. My sister always fusses at me because she says I don't remember anything from our childhood...but I do remember those sugar cookies!
So...back to 2008...we all dressed up for trick-or-treating this year. We had our costumes from our Disney trip in Sept. when we went trick-or-treating we pulled them out again! I think it's the first time since Hubby and I have been together that we have dressed up for Halloween. The kids loved it, but our daughter was NOT in favor of my husband's fake-mustache! She kept saying, "Dad...that's disgusting!" Check it out (along with some other pictures):

Darth and Princess Leia heading out to trick-or-treat:Here's one of my favorite things we've done the past few years at Halloween...we have 2 containers---the one on the bottom is labeled "Tricks" and the one on top is labeled "Treats." We give out both!!! The "tricks" are spider rings and other plastic toys-snakes, bugs, etc. The "treats" are all candy! Notice the pumpkin on the bottom-right...that's the one we paid $16 for at the farm. I couldn't bear to carve it!!!I bought this fun orange ribbon this year to use for decoration. I was trying to decide where to put these bows...they ended up on the mantel bringing Halloween cheer!Halloween night ended with me driving to the drug store to pick up antibiotics--oral and a cream. I carved so many pumpkins (at school)...that I got an infection on my finger! When I started having pain run up my sister insisted I call the doctor. It was feeling much better this morning! No Halloween fun! I hope you had a safe, fun night!!!

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