Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Have You Wrangled Any Reptiles Lately?

No really...have you??? We went to Connor's birthday party last weekend. We were entertained by a Reptile Wrangler! He took each animal out one at a time from of a basket--out of a pillowcase tied shut. He had 2 snakes, 1 iguana, 1 alligator, and another reptile (but I forgot it's name)! The kids LOVED it! Our boy is usually the conservative one and our girl is the adventure-seeker, but NOT this time! Our boy loved touching the animals and checking them out up close. Our girl (on the other hand) was right next to me--usually in my lap (I think that was after the Wrangler said the alligator didn't like him as it thrashed around)! After the show, all the kids ran off to play--then that's when the Wrangler proceeds to tell the adults how the 160 lb. python attacked him the week prior! Oh my...I'm glad we weren't on the news!! Happy 6th Birthday to Connor!
Here's that mean 'ol alligator...you can see in his eyes that he's not happy! I guess I wouldn't be too happy with my mouth taped shut either!Here's the mystery reptile...I cannot remember what he's called!Here's a shot of how close we were sitting to the reptiles. Yes...that's the python that attacked the Wrangler last week!
Now this is the kind of reptile I'm talking about--one made of cake and icing!!! Looks like our girl (in the pink bow) likes this "snake" too!

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