Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to School

I'm running out of steam. Teachers have a way of going until they can't go any more when it's back to school time.
Drive by a school after hours during pre-planning many cars do you see? Maybe I should do a research study on the relationship between the number of cars in the parking lot during pre-planning after hours compared to the school's test scores. My hypothesis is that the more cars after hours during pre-planning (teachers working to make classrooms perfect for open house/first day of school) would equate to higher test scores.
We have Open House tomorrow. Here's how my classroom looked tonight when I left at 7:00pm. There were still lots of cars when I left--maybe we'll have good test scores!
I'm so excited about moving that long shelf in the pic below next to the desks. Got the idea from another K classroom-thanks girls!

Moving that shelf gives a cleaner look as you come in the classroom looking toward the windows-more room for the "house" center too.

Wishing everyone a happy school year!

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Erica said...

It looks great. Those babies are in for a fantastic year!