Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Around the House

We've changed some things around in the house...
Here are my new curtains in the kitchen/breakfast area. It took us FOREVER to find the rod with the finials that I wanted. I love the fabric, and like how they're lighter. You might remember the first one I made here. I'm sad because I may have made them too long. I measured from the ceiling to where I wanted them to hit at the bottom, but I forgot to account for the drop from where the rod is mounted on the sides. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....I'll be sooooooooooooooooooooo sad if I have to alter these curtains again. You might remember that I already altered them here. I was thinking that if I had something (like a corner hutch or some type of long picture there...then maybe they'd work as is. We'll see.
Here's the blue shelf that we hung in our son's room:

We hung 2 more oval mirrors in our daughter's room:
We also found this flip-flop hook thing at Ross for our girl's room.
It goes perfectly with the quilt that Nana and Papa made her:
We moved these one-year-old hand prints next to the kids silhouette picture in the hallway near their rooms:

*L*O*O*K* what we got from our neighbors!!! We are sooooooooooooooo excited--a piano!! However, do NOT look at the unfinished floors under the piano....sigh...one day they will be complete!

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