Saturday, July 18, 2009

Momma, Are we moving?

Hip-hip-hooray...the staining, sanding, working on the hardwood floors are in motion! Floors started going down in January...floors completed in July (hopefully...the last sand/top coat is due to go down in the morning). I (with some help from my mom) started cleaning out the house on Thursday packing up all the items in the rooms with hardwoods: hallway, kitchen, breakfast area, family room, dining room, entrance area, another hall, and vanity area of kids’ bathroom. Our son asked… “Momma, are we moving?”

We had a trip to Charleston planned for this weekend to visit friends, but postponed the trip due to the threat of rain. With all the outside activities we had planned, we decided that we'd try to go another weekend. While working on the floors, Hubby kept saying, "We should have gone to Charleston!"

Pictures of the floors to follow soon!

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