Monday, July 20, 2009

*F*I*N*I*S*H*E*D* Floors

Yes, the floors really did get completed yesterday! Hubby did a great job!!!! The sanding and staining started on Friday, and the 3rd and final coat of urethane went down yesterday morning. The windows have been open since Friday for air to circulate for drying and to cut down on the smell. We were blessed with perfect weather for this project...not too hot...just right (with a slight breeze even). We came back home tonight after spending the night off on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now we just live on them with "light traffic" (without our furniture back in place) for about two weeks while they completely dry. Here are some pics of the weekend (I should post pics of where all our furniture is residing in the meantime-garage, our bedroom, laundry room, kids' bedrooms, kids' bathroom):
The raw floors that Hubby installed back in January or February:

Hubby (with help from our son--he's the cord-holder of course) sanding the existing hardwoods in the dining room:

Hubby vacuuming to check the progress of sanding:

The helper with his ear protection and dust mask (the kids left the house right after this pic was taken--didn't want our girl breathing all that dust--she tends to get to coughing and such):

Hubby on the "last leg" of staining. The color we used is Cherry by Minwax. He was having lots of muscle cramping by now. We thought those "drips of stain" might be a problem...but Hubby got them worked out.

Flooring after being stained, 1st coat of urethane, and sanded--ready for next coat of urethane.
Here's a spider that tried to become a permanent part of our floors in the urethane--NO WAY!
This picture represents my job--wiping the floors with the cheesecloth to pick up dust/dirt before next coat of urethane.
Here are some pics of the finished product:

Nice, right?? Kudos to Hubby!!
After being gone from home for 3 nights, I asked the kids at bedtime tonight..."Doesn't it feel good to be in your own bed?" Our daughter said..."I just want to sleep ALL night and ALL day." I said that sounded good to me! Then our girl said, "But I don't want to miss ALL THE FUN!!" No...not all the fun...just maybe enough for Mama to sleep in a little!


L Rukes said...

Wow! What a job! Congrats on having them done!

Mom of One for Now said...

The floors look great!! Way to go!

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Thanks ya'll! The fumes are running us out of here! We had to stay at my parents again last night. Not so bad during the day...but not too good when you're in bed breathing the vapors!