Saturday, January 3, 2009

More on the new floors

We moved in our home about 5 years ago. When we bought it, we knew the house needed work and we knew that we wanted the floors replaced--starting with the kitchen. It has taken us 5 years to finally decide what floors to put down--no kidding--we've been debating it for that long--tile...wood...more linoleum??? Enough husband went out and bought a pallet of white oak (enough for the hall, kitchen, family room, and maybe our bedroom). Why white oak?--because we already have white oak in our dining room and entrance hallway. So we've had the wood inside our house for about 2 weeks, and yesterday after much deliberation--my husband started the new floors--woo-hoo!! So here's how it's going so far--he ripped up the old, white, disgusting linoleum that we've been suffering with for 5 years-ugh! The sub flooring looked better already than what we had! He also pulled up all the quarter-round trim molding around the base board in the small hall and kitchen.
Meanwhile--thankfully he has lots of drop-cloths to put on the sub flooring with the kids running around. See the wood on the left--you can also see it under our bed, in the dining room, behind our sofa, and any other nook or cranny you can find--it's getting acclimated, you know.
Here's where he started...he was planning to start in the family room because that wall has the fewest obstructions (can you tell I'm learning a lot about floors too), but after looking at how the existing wood floors were done--he decided to start in this small hallway with lots of obstructions--5 doorways to be exact! You cannot imagine how long it took to get these pieces just right--he was analyzing it and analyzing it to make sure his first rows would be straight--so all the rest of it would be straight! I'm telling you--it took hours at this step. He even wanted to take the baseboard off on the starting wall to make sure it was straight. So after he finally got it right yesterday (we're pretty sure it's right)...he went to rent the nailer today.
He worked from about 1pm until about 7:30pm, and here's what's done--the small hallway! Wow--who knew it was this time-consuming. Hopefully, tomorrow will be faster--with fewer doorways and such. Doesn't it look great?--send him some love with a post comment!
The next big decision is--what color are we going to stain it? I don't think we have 5 years to decide! We're thinking a medium brown.

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