Sunday, January 4, 2009

Slow, slow, slower than slow we go

Have you read Dr. Seuss' Go, Dog, Go? Remember the line that goes something like...Slow, slow, slower than slow we go? Well...that's how hubby's feeling about the floor installation at the end of day 2. The good news is--they're looking great...the not-so-good news--he's not quite 1/2 through with the kitchen/breakfast area. Here are some pics:

Looking from family room into breakfast area
Drop cloths and rugs are covering sub-flooring in the foreground of pic.

Looking from breakfast area into kitchen:

Here's a faux-completed project pic. I took this one up closer to visualize how it will look when it's all down (still need trim added back, but the flooring is done in this area).

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Erica said...

Come guys can do it!! They're looking really good.