Sunday, January 18, 2009

Melt Your Heart

Last night before we went to bed, our son was working quietly in our bedroom. He emerged announcing that he had left a box next to daddy's side of the bed with a note attached. He said Daddy could only open it at 20 o'clock...which hubby told him translated to 8:00 military time. So after we put the kids to bed, hubby opened his surprise.
Here's the note on the top of the box:
"Don't open it until 20 o'clock. Love Daddy (he said that meant he loves Daddy). You can sleep with it."

Here are the contents of the box--all of our son's prized possessions (and some of his sister's too)-"Fluff Cat" (black and orange cat), "Charlotte" (the blue bear), "Walter" (the farting dog), plus a few more.

Does that melt your heart or what??? Hubby dumped the contents of the box at the foot of our bed so our son would see that Daddy did indeed sleep with his gift. This morning the first thing our son said when he woke up was..."Daddy, did you like your box?"

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L Rukes said...

That is the sweetest thing. I'm a little concerned about the 'farting dog' but I'll let that go :-)