Friday, January 16, 2009

5lbs. 6oz.

5lbs. 6oz....that's how much weight I lost for the 1st week of The Biggest Loser at school! Here's how I did it (besides eating pizza and The Varsity!!): drink lots of water...allow myself 1 DDP (Diet Dr. Pepper) a day, eat granola bar for breakfast, eat lots of veggies, fruit, and small amount of meat at lunch (our school has a great cafeteria that helps with good choices--no pre-boxed salads here where you have to beg for some fresh lettuce--everything is fresh and yummy!!!), eat reasonable dinner (ex: tonight I had bowl of taco soup and blackberries), and minimal healthy snacks. I FINALLY got one of my "wish list" DVDs a couple days ago, but didn't start this week...I've got to pace myself to lose over the whole 12 week contest--exercise starts for next weigh-in. Oh...and one more secret...this week I took my shoes off to weigh...last week I weighed in boots!! hee! don't weigh 5lbs. 6oz....right? :)

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