Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Girl and 4 Boys

Today we went to visit my childhood friend, Shelly, and her crew. We had fun swimming and catching up!
Here's a pic of her 3 boys and our 2 kids-they're in age order from youngest to oldest. Shelly and I were pregnant with our youngest children at the same time (they're both 4), and we were also pregnant with my oldest and her middle son at the same time (they're both 6). She was pregnant with her oldest son during my it's easy for me to remember how old he is-almost 10!
Here's our girl catching a ride after swimming. She held her own with all those boys!

Here's one of me and Shelly right after an afternoon of pooling it:
We'd have the best times together back in the day. She threatened to "spill some beans" about me to my kids today. I think she refrained because she knows I have some "beans to spill" on her too! I guess we've been friends almost 25 years now. Wow!! That's a lot of good times! Thanks for a fun day!

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