Monday, July 6, 2009

She didn't miss the fun!

Our kids always tell my sister that she's missing all the fun! Well...Friday "E" had the day off, so we had a day of fun with her. We ate lunch and did some good shopping--the kind that makes you tired with sore feet. The kids did pretty well considering! Here's a list of some fun finds from the day:
Good Will: I got the cutest, rustic-y shelf for our son's room--it's blue with a weathered finish...and also bought some wire baskets there to use for our recycling center in the garage. E got a painting and a small table.
TJMaxx: Everyone in our house got new sheets!
Cupcake Store: That's right...we drove by a store sign that said "Cupcakes." Who could pass up an opportunity to check out a cupcake store? Well...we all got a $2.50 cupcake--not as yummy as we were hoping. Here's our girl with her Oreo has an Oreo on the bottom! Nobody ate their whole cupcake-that's definitely a measure of the quality!
Horse Store (I can't remember the name of the store, but it looked barn-y and fun--so we stopped to check it out): We didn't make any purchases in the horse store...but they had kittens for sale for $40 (seems high to me). Anyway, Hubby is the kids know not to ask for one, but they liked talking/playing with them at the store.
Hooray--E didn't miss the fun!

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