Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lots to say today

I have lots to post about today! I was trying to decide--separate posts or all on one. All-on-one here we go:
1. Week 8 Weigh-in for The Biggest Loser was Friday at work. I lost 2 oz. (with my pants on this time!!). My total weight loss is now 11 lbs. 14 oz. The top losers have lost about 22-23 pounds (one of them is Shelley--whoo-hooo!!). Maybe if I don't eat between now and the final weigh-in I can still win the money!!?? No...really...I'm happy that I've taken off 11 pounds....and hope to make it a minimum of 5 more off for the final goal. I think the contest ends in 4 I'm thinking 5 more off is do-able...then hopefully...I can continue on after the contest ends too!
2. Donuts for Dads was at our daughter's preschool on Friday. Hubby said it went great! I even had him take my camera so I could see too! Here she is with a gift for her daddy--a photo of her dressed up like a daddy---really cute idea!!!
They also asked the kids to complete statements about their daddies. Here are our girl's responses:
My Dad is special because..."he wants me to give him a kiss."
I like it when my Dad..."makes silly faces."
My Dad can do many things! I think he's best at..."making the best dish to eat."
My Dad is as handsome as a..."Prince."
My Dad is smart! He even knows..."what the weather is outside."
Melt-'yo-heart stuff right there!! She is a Daddy's girl!!
3. I FINALLY got one set of curtains finished and hung today (with hubby's great help)!!! My sister said it's nice to have a carpenter and seamstress in the family to get stuff done, but who has time to be constructing and sewing??? This pic was taken tonight of our breakfast area. I'm still thinking our kitchen paint color will change, but that may take another few months/year for us to make a decision!
4. We also bought 2 stain colors to test for our wooden floors that hubby installed. The raw-wood floors are all down-2 halls, family room, kitchen/breakfast area. I think hubby has decided to stain/sand/finish them himself now(areas listed above plus re-doing foyer and dining room too). He was thinking about hiring someone, but when you think about the money you can save--you start thinking do-it-yourself again! Hubby put the test stains on some scrap pieces today for us to think about.
Tomorrow will bring church, lunch with family, (and hopefully) more completed curtains and a stain color choice!!

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