Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday

Tonight we went to Ms. Christy's babies' 18th birthday party. We were soooooo unsure about going, but we are glad we did! Friday night is usually the night that everyone crashes early at our house--everyone is past due for a good was anxious about taking the crew out to Jess' and John's 18th BD party tonight. But, the kids had the best time there! Ms. Christy is the best, and her family and friends are too!
Here are the kids right in the middle of the action. They helped put the 18 candles on the cake!
The birthday girl and guy:
Ms. Christy always has something fun and exciting! Look at the excitement in the kids' eyes with this dancing guy!
Every time our son leaves a birthday party...he decides that whatever happens at that party is how he wants to celebrate his next birthday. I'm sure this one will be no exception! I mean--how can you top a bon-fire with a weenie and marshmallow roast!
Look who else got a Snuggie for his birthday! Our son loved it that Johnny got one too!
Our daughter had her hair up earlier today, but she took it down right before we left because she wanted to look like the birthday girl-Jessica!

Happy 18th birthday ya'll!

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