Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boys will be boys

Saturday night my son was running on the concrete and fell and ripped the knee of his jeans. He stood up and said something along the lines of..."I haven't done that before." WHAT????? Tonight when I was putting away clean clothes...I thought...let me just count the pants that he's done that in before. Well...I counted 8 pair of pants in the closet, and I know there's one more pair of athletic pants in the laundry--so that's a minimum of 9 pairs (in the past year I'm guessing). So...there you have it...boys will indeed be boys (and that selective memory goes along with it too I think)!


L Rukes said...

This is hilarious. What's most funny is that you actually still have all of the jeans to take a photograph of!! HA!

Mom of One for Now said...

The first knee out blow (about 6 weeks ago)... I knew my baby was growing up. That and the first day of warm weather when he spent the day playing outside... he came in and was flithy! Two signs my baby is now a boy. :)

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

LR-Girl...you never know when you'll need a good pair of old jeans! Don't you see that paint on one pair? He couldn't be doing that in his nice jeans!

MOOFN-Yes...growing up indeed! I remember when our son started the trend. My Mom was like..."You need to take these jeans back b/c they're not holding up." I was like mom..."he's a boy!" We'd never had a boy in the family before! We're still learning lots about boys each day!