Sunday, March 15, 2009

More on the curtains

Today I finished the cornice boards for the two windows in our front entrance. Hubby built me the cornice boards, and I sewed the fabric for them. We added batting under the fabric too. I'm happy with them! Here are some pics:

I used 2 of the fabrics that are also on the dining room panels, and I used some extra red trim from the breakfast area curtains (that I posted about yesterday). Doesn't hubby look happy to help???? He really is the BEST (he did it with a smile)!!

I'm almost done with the panels for the dining room. They are done except for the bottom hem. I want to hang them on the rod before I do that final hem at the bottom to make sure they're the correct length. I bought 4 different rods to try for the dining room. I hope I can find the receipts for the ones that I don't need so I can return them! I've had a bad habit lately of misplacing receipts that I might need again!
I still need some trim for the curtains in the family room. It won't take but a minute to complete them as soon as I have that trim. However, we don't have a fabric store anywhere close to our house. The closest place to buy fabric is about 30 miles away! We're supposed to be getting a Hobby Lobby, but I haven't seen any construction started yet...please hurry Hob Lob...I need you!

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