Friday, March 6, 2009

Christy--this one's for you!

Me with Christy--ready for the show! Pre-show we went out for dinner surprising Christy's son in costume. We were going to the grocery store too, but remembered we needed some items for our costume at the store before we could get dressed (bobby pins, hair net, knee highs, and men's briefs (what???-you'll have to ask Christy about that one)! So...that's why Christy gets this dedicated posting-she's always up for a fun time! She's the BEST!

So...what was the occasion for the costumes? Tonight was our Talent Show at school benefiting Relay for Life. Well...if there's a talent know there will be some "Retired" Kindergarten Teachers there. My friend, Megan, brought this act with her from her college days...and we've been doing the same skit ever since--probably about 10 years (with a year or two off here and there). Just change the song/dance routine and add some lines to your skit...and there you have it...a "fresh" skit that gets a good laugh every time! Tonight our premise was that we were in choir practice about to sing when our choir leader finally gives up on us yelling "Hit it Gertrude" causing us to break into The Cupid Shuffle. Not to boast...but we did get a "standing O" as Christy said! It's always a fun time! The fun begins when we all get ready together. Here's Lisa getting her hair powdered to make it white! Nice dust cloud, huh?????
Here's the whole crew ready to "break a hip"!

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