Monday, March 9, 2009

The Grass Isn't...

Two things led me to this green grass image this weekend.
#1 I got to talk to a dear friend of mine on the phone on Saturday. We don't talk keeps us both busy, but it's always right-where-we-left-off when we do get a chance for a call. Part of our convo led me to the grass image. The just of it was...You may think that the grass is greener...but behind that fence...there's just as much uncertainty with ups/downs as you have on your side of the fence.
#2 Part of the sermon at church on Sunday was about how Jesus only briefly discusses His resurrection, but the majority of his focus is on His suffering. can see where I'm coming from for this post. There is no perfect life, but that's what makes It's not about how happy you are all the's about how you get through the tough times that make you who you are.
I'm usually not thinking this hard, but seems like those 2 experiences made me stop and think. Wishing you happy times and green grass on the other side of tough times!

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