Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Day at the Races

The kids went to the truck race this weekend with hubby and my dad. This trip was the kids' first time to the racetrack. Hubby used to help my dad sell merchandise at the track for a Kiwanis's fundraiser, and he's been saying that he wanted to take the kids to the track for "an experience." It was perfect weather for it (last weekend snow; this weekend sun and 70+ degrees), and the kids had fun checking things out. Our son liked the actual racing; our daughter--not so much! Here are some pics:
This pic was on the shuttle from the car to the track. As you can tell...the kids were NOT sure about this ride--look...they're holding hands--RARE!!!!!!

Outside the racetrack
Our son helping the drivers know which way to go!!!
Our daughter modeling her ear protection headphones.
My dad with the kids dorkin' around in the program booth. Hubby said that several people tried to buy programs from them!
Well-the best part of the race was that I had time to do some final curtain-making shopping. I worked on the new curtains today--slowly, but surely--they're coming along!

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