Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is why I'm a Kindergarten teacher!

Seriously--where else can you go to work and have this much fun?

Today was Book Character day at school. The Kindergarten team was Snow White and her Seven (no...make that Six) Dwarfs. Two of our team members were out we recruited one more Dwarf to join us, but the other dwarf hat was Snow had to represent with the 6 of us!

Our son was a dog from Go, Dog, Go. Here's how that choice came about with side note commentary from mom in red: son said he wanted to be a dog (ok...I can handle that--we have a set of dog ears and a tail); son said he wanted to be Bolt (we have the storybook of the new Disney movie) (Bolt?? The ears/tail set we have is brown not all white like Bolt); son said he wanted to be Hairy Dog (from our UGA storybook) (Hairy??? WHY didn't I buy those silver pants at Old Navy the other day? Wonder if I can get a Hairy Dog hat at the collegiate store?).
Well...the night before we had NO costume ready when I remembered that we had a stuffed animal dog for Go Dog I thought...I'll get son all excited about Go, Dog, Go again with this guy, we'll call my dad for his "old man hat" again, and I'll get my scarf out of the closet. Let's just say...WHEW...he loved the dog and was all on board for that plan--hence...Go, Dog, Go was at school today!!

Doc and Dog wish you a happy Book Character Day!!

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Amy C said...

Thank you so much for the comment...I def. need to start blogging more!!!

I love the name of your blog...we call one of our cats Sweet Tea :-)