Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Football Camp

This week our son is in 3-day football camp at his school. It is for upcoming 1st-5th grade boys. Today I took him to camp, and then worked some in my classroom. Our daughter came with me and "helped."
Here he is arriving at camp this morning getting in line with his ball to begin warm-up drills. He was showing us his drills last night in the store! Notice his nice, neat hair.
Here's our daughter "helping" in my classroom! She loves puzzles...so this one kept her busy while I did a few things.
Here she is helping the boys by filling water cups for them. She LOVED this job!
Post-water-filling walking on the sideline-"tightrope" line.
Here goes all her hard work--on her brother's shirt!
Post-camp hair!
The boys with their camp footballs.
Tomorrow is the last day of camp. They get to "play" in the real stadium and take pictures! BTW...Football Camp wears a boy out...he was ready for a nap today!

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