Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two Full Days

On Friday, Hubby had the day off. We did some quick shopping (had to hit a store for a return & bought a few new things too), we went swimming with friends, and went to spend the night at Nana and Papa's house to celebrate Papa's BD and Father's Day.
Here are a few pics of our two full days:

Want to know how to watch 7 kids swimming at once? Don't ask me...ask Mrs. Kim:
Kim has 2 kids of her own; she was watching 3 neighbor kids; and add our 2 kids=7 kids total.
Here are some pics of some of the 7 kids:

Our kids liked icing their own cupcakes for Papa's Birthday-yum! Yes...they got a little "burned up" in the pool!

Then on Saturday, we hit another store for a return (and more purchases too), checked out the "outlet kinda store" that sells stuff from Costco--ended up with a few bargains, stopped to eat lunch with E, rushed home to drop over-night bags and change clothes, rushed back out for the People's First Pageant to root for "Aunt Paige", got home to eat a quick dinner, kids watched new movie with Hubby, and I started uploading pictures!

Aunt Paige is the aunt of one of our son's classmates. She volunteered in their K class every Thursday, and the kids absolutely love her! So...we went out to support her by attending her pageant. And guess what??? Aunt Paige won the pageant!!! We really had no doubt that she would win! After they announced the winner, they asked that only family go on stage after the pageant. But, there was no holding our son back from his "Aunt Paige" (especially after being there for almost 4 hours waiting for the results). Good thing Ms. Christy was there to help him get on stage to see her!

Look at how pretty! Congrats to Aunt Paige!

Also...the entertainment was John Barry, the country singer. Hubby knew who he was and said he had a brain aneurysm or something like that back in the day. I knew who he was once he started singing. I'm quite sure the kids have never heard his songs, but we took their pic with him for their E. She said she spoke with him once when she lived in Nashville.

I wanted to take a pic of our girl with her new shirt, but she tripped and scuffed her knee...and then her brother pinched her when she tried to put her arm around him....and our son said it felt like ants were biting his feet...oh...and remember we were at the pageant for almost 4 hours--so this pic is the best one I could get!

And there you have it...two full days!

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