Sunday, June 14, 2009


Question #1 How did our daughter go from healthy to strep throat in one night? She went to bed healthy, and woke up at 2:30am with a fever. I checked her throat this morning-red, puffy, yucky breath! Yep--I think it's strep. I took her to the doctor this morning, is in fact strep throat. No fun!
Question #2 What was that noise? I heard a loud noise in our laundry room this morning. Didn't see anything unusual when I went to check, but later I found the culprit:

It was an ice-cold DDP that exploded in our mini-fridge. Wow-what a mess! Interesting how the top of the can actually "blew off."
Question #3 How did I do that? Yesterday I thought I'd try a new workout DVD. I ended up with a sore neck--I knew I wasn't doing those side crunches correctly! After 4 Advil this morning...I'm starting to turn my head again!


L Rukes said...

That's what you get for buying Dr. Pepper :-) Seriously, where's the COKE?!?!

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Hey...come on...I see some Diet Coke in the Hubby's Fantas are Coke products! But, come on...I've GOT to have a DDP in the morning. It's my coffee!!!!