Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Happenings

The kids and I kinda slept-in this morning...that equates to waking up anytime after 7:30am. Got some chores done around the house-laundry, tidying, toilet scrubbing, etc--the fun stuff!? Then we had swim lessons after lunch. Our son swims first, and then our daughter swims in the next lesson. Well...our son finished his lesson today and then we heard thunder. You know what that means???? Let me spell it out for you...a S----A----D, S----A----D girl. Swimming for brother and no swimming for sister equals (let me repeat) a S----A----D, S----A----D girl!!! did I get her outta there? Well, the way any mommy of a girly-girl would do it...promise to paint her toe nails as soon as we arrive home. She designed her own pattern with the new polish she recently picked out--check them out (kinda a fuzzy pic):

Tonight was our second night of VBS. Hubby and I are in charge of the Drive-In each night showing short videos and leading discussions. I took this opportunity in the swamp to take pics of our daughter in the Super-Cute new outfit that her Nana made her-striped capris and a cherry top--LOVE it!

Check her out shaking it here in her new threads:

Thanks Nana-you're awesome!
Here's a photo of her and her Daddy...could he ever deny her--NO WAY!
Hubby got a pic of me and the kids too:

Well--tomorrow--we'll do it all over again--swim (hold the thunder) and VBS.

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