Sunday, June 21, 2009

This one's for JB

Everyone in Hubby's family has an initial name. Hubby's brother is JB, his sister is T, and he is B. So lately I've heard Hubby calling our son by his first and last initial...wondering if that will stick. Anyway...I digress...this post is for Hubby's brother because he's a TCU Purple & White Horn Frog. So here's why this post is dedicated to my 17 1/2 years of knowing Hubby I have NEVER seen him wear purple (even to support his brother's Alma mater) UNTIL tonight. We are both volunteering at the kids' Vacation Bible School, and the t-shirts for the volunteers are PURPLE. So JB, maybe he's ready for a purple TCU shirt for football season!
I'm so sad that my camera didn't pick up the true "purplish tone" of the shirts. It was much, much more purple than it's showing up here. Shocking-truly not used to it.

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