Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Selecting THE picture

I mentioned in an earlier post that we went to Athens to have family pictures made. The main reason we went was for a portrait of our son in
Kindergarten. Since I'm a K teacher, I want to have portraits of our children in K. Well...I've been thinking and thinking about how I wanted to capture this portrait. I have a snapshot from the fall that I thought would be great as a pencil drawing. I also looked into a pastel or an oil portrait. Then a friend recommended a photographer who is a family friend of her husband. He works out of Athens, and he has reasonable rates. So that's what we did, and we couldn't be more pleased! So if you need a photographer, dear reader, check out Blane Marable at

Here are my top 4 pictures of our son that I was thinking about to enlarge
from the shoot...

#1 I call this one his "model pose." It's a great pic, but does it showcase him and his true personality? I really, really love it, but I'm not sure if it's the one.

#2 I call this one the full-length shot. Love it because it is a "full-length" shot. Our son likes this one because of the fence and he said he likes his feet being included in the picture???? Still...don't think it's the one.

#3 Close-up looking off (who-knows-where)...this one is kinda looking up to it, but not the one.

#4...Ok...I think this is THE how his personality is coming through in this how his body is not straight at camera..but his face and smile are--he seems to be looking right at how his hands are in his how it's soooooooooo green around how you can see his teeth--he hasn't lost any yet! Yes...I think this is THE one!

What do you think?

Now...just have to finalize the size and a frame. I'm thinking we'll buy 2 of the exact same frames. Then when our daughter is in K...all we have to do is contact Blane for a photo session...and the frame will be waiting (won't have to run around hoping I can get the same frame again to match her brother's)! Stay tuned...hope to have it framed and hung soon!

Oh...I also used one of our pics as my new profile pic! Love it!


Mom of One for Now said...

I think that is the one too! They are all so good!!! And great idea about buying two frames at once. She will be in K before you know it!!! Keep enjoying the summer!!

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Thanks girl! We were happy with the photographer. You pay a flat fee--around $100 for the session, and then he gives you a dvd with all of the pictures and rights to print them yourself. I think he took over 600 pictures that we got on our DVD. Keep in mind if you need a photographer! Enjoy your summer too!