Saturday, January 23, 2010

Basketball and Dresses

Today was a 9am basketball/cheer leading day. The kids were excited to have lots of fans there to support them! Both sets of grandparents and two aunts--what lucky kids! Thanks everybody!

Our boy is getting better each Hubby decided he needed a new ball for home. Can you tell he likes it? He's holding it while watching TV on the floor:

Other excitement is brewing in our house too...concerning fancy dresses! Our girl will be the bride in her upcoming QU Wedding at school. We already had a dress that she can wear, but she needed some shoes that we found today.

She also needed a dress and shoes for her upcoming Daddy/Daughter Dance. She picked out two dresses...we bought both of them, but I think she's decided on this one:

She and Daddy practiced some moves tonight! Do you see her beaming? She has been going to the calendar and asking and asking how many more days until the dance!


Erica said...

A Daddy/Daughter exciting!

And it looks like y'all are having fun this basketball season!

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Yes...she is sooooooooooo excited! She is counting down the days! :)

Yes...they are liking basketball/cheering...I wasn't sure if they would...but they really do like it!