Sunday, January 31, 2010


We're always teasing that we're not really sure if our boy is really ours. Why you ask?'s all based on his eating habits. He doesn't really care about eating. It's sickening can he be so nonchalant about food? I mean...come's food!

Here's an example to help me explain about him: Friday night we made cookies. There were 12 the kids figured out that each member of our family gets 3 cookies. Good math lesson, right? Well... Hubby, our girl, and I proceed to eat our 3 cookies after dinner. Our boy eats 1 cookie and then announces that he's going to save his other 2 cookies. they are on Sunday night...still in the baggy where he put them:
Seriously...if those were my cookies, they'd be calling my name until they were gone! Seriously.

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