Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 100th Day of School

It's that time again...the 100th Day of School! You know what that means--a dress up day...dress like you're 100 years old!

Me and the kids on the 100th day...I got a new fancy old lady costume for this year...Granny done glammed up this year compared to last year:

I let our girl put on some blush, mascara, and lipstick. She was sooooooooooooooo excited:

Look--even Zero the Hero made an appearance for the 100th Day: I almost forgot to post about the funniest part of the day! First thing this morning when our boy saw me dressed as a 100 year old...he was not quite sure. He said..."Mama...I know that's you." He must have said it 5 times. He even pointed to one of my freckles, and said..."See is you!" I reassured him saying "'s me...hear my're is me."

So then finally...everyone was ready to get out the door to leave for school. I just had put on my "mink"--borrowed from my 93 year-old grandmother. Then our boy says, " did you get that OLD smell on you?" which I pointed to my mink and replied..."It's this thing." Nice.


Mom of One for Now said...

Ya'll have the most fun. And you look great! :) Great costume!

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Thanks girl! We do like to have fun! :)