Saturday, January 2, 2010

How about it?

I'm thinking of setting a blogging every day in January to start the year off...hmmm...we'll see.

Yesterday I had over 600 4x6 photo prints done at Walgreen's. They had a special with 9 cent prints. I've been waiting and waiting to print our pictures from Disney is September. I bought the kids photo albums for their pics from our trip, and I was happy to see the 9 cent prints advertised! So...while I was at it...I had prints made of pictures to put in our various "memory books." We have a Christmas memory book, Anniversary memory book, Birthday books for our kids, autograph books from Disney--all that needed updating (for a few years). So...really that's only about 20 prints for all of those books. But, I also had my Christmas photos on my I decided to get all of those printed too. Those should keep me's to more organization in 2010!

Well...I'm off to a good start--blogged day 1 and day 2 of January! What will you do in 2010?


Amy C said...

You can start blogging 5 minutes b4 midnight and finish the "next day" and that can count as 2 days :-)

L Rukes said...

I am SO impressed with your photo endeavor!! I have so many albums on my 'meaning to do' list.....maybe you'll inspire me! ;-) Happy New Year!