Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I better get ready

I better get ready!

On Wednesday nights at church, I help with the children's program. There are three rotations: Bible Zone, crafts, and singing. I assist with the Bible lessons. Tonight the lesson was on when Jesus comes back from Revelation 22. After the lesson, our girl looked at me and said..."Mama, I want Him to come to my house first!" I winked at her and said..."me too."

See what I mean?...I better get ready! What shall I do first?

Here's the "I'm looking for Jesus" projects from tonight (the one of the left is our girl's, the one on the right is our boy's):

On other note, the computer teacher at school today came up to me to tell me something our boy said in class. She said she put a new program up on the board to introduce to the kids, and our boy was excited and said..."I LOVE this game" Then followed up saying, "I've never played it before." She said she laughed out loud, and then told him that she wanted to be more like him-excited about life!

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